Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center

Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the east of Jinkeqiao Avenue, south of Kepao Line, west of Jingshui Road and north of Chouduan Road. Total land area is about 300 mu, and total floor area is about 250,000 m2. There are about 5,000 standard exhibition stands, over 20 conference and press halls and supporting facilities like dinning halls. 


Traditional elements like “water”, “Chinese textile”, “eave” and “lantern” are introduced to the planning of Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center. The architectural form is simple and grand, echoing China Textile CBD. The main hall is divided into sub-zones whose size is 63m *90m. Water curtain and sliding roof are used to satisfy different exhibition requirements. Four boundaries of the convention center are two rivers and two roads, making a “convention center on the water”. Multi-functional hall can be used for banquet, performance, sports game, fashion show and so on. The project will become a new landmark of Shaoxing, playing a role of an important supporting facility for Shanghai-Hangzhou metropolitan area and model of airport economic zone. Size of the project is on a par with world exhibition and convention centers. It is a super exhibition platform for information exchange between Shanghai and Hangzhou, consumption experience and frontier news, which will effectively help the integration of visitor flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow. 



Location: Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province

Client: Shaoxing Keqiao China Textile City Development and Management Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing Keqiao Sports Center Investment and Delopment Co., Ltd.

Design scope: planning, architecture, landsacpe

Main function: exhibition & convention | conference | comprehensive supporting facilities

Land area: 200,400㎡

Total floor area: 285,000㎡

Indoor exhibition area:100,000㎡

Design | Completion: 2018|2020


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