Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Located in the geographic center of the Pearl River Delta Bay Area, the core part of the Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Shenzhen Economic Corridor and central Guangdong Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center is a major landmark project invested by Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, which concerns the future development of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. It is a bright pearl at the top of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and also a critical project in the significant strategic gateway of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. In accordance with the three first-class standards of “first-class design, first-class construction, first-class operation”, AUBE has overcome various technical difficulties including long-span steel structure, building fire protection and M&E design, dedicated to its commitment to pursue and achieve the first-class design with exceptional and fruitful efforts.


Shenzhen World Convention & Exhibition Center covers an area of approximately 1,480,000㎡ with indoor exhibition area of around 500,000㎡. Once fully completed, it will become the largest exhibition facility in the world. Covering an area of about 1,214,000㎡, Phase I of the project has a gross floor area of over 1,600,000㎡ and its indoor exhibition area is 400,000 ㎡. The exhibition halls adopt a fishbone layout, where a 1.7-kilometer-long central corridor connects 2 entrance lobbies, 1 reception lobby and 19 exhibition halls, including 16 typical exhibition halls of 20,000㎡, 2 specialty halls of 20,000㎡ and 1 mega exhibition hall of 50,000㎡. Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center is a mega exhibition and convention complex integrating exhibitions, conferences, events (games and performances), catering, shopping, office, and all sorts of services.


The supporting facilities surrounding the exhibition halls accommodate hotels, commercial, office, apartments and transportation hubs, which are all currently under development and construction along with the Center. Positioned as a world-leading innovative exhibition and convention complex, the total capacity building area of the project reaches beyond 3,000,000㎡, including 1,600,000㎡ of exhibition halls (phase I) and around 1,540,000㎡ of comprehensive commercial supporting facilities, making it a composite property complex that integrates multiple functions of exhibition and convention centers, industrial headquarters, commercial centers, international hotels, boutique apartments, ecological parks and other facilities.


The exhibition and leisure belt set along major cultural facilities, in the form of a double-line compound park, plans the urban public open green spaces together with urban public supporting services into one same plot, maximizing the efficiency to provide a solution to the highly intensified land use of the city. The leisure belt of Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center is situated on the east side of the site, running through the entire complex from north to south. The belt, with a length of approximately 1,750m and a width of 42m, is composed of 3 underground levels and 2 aboveground levels, connecting the exhibition halls with urban apartments, hotels, commercial, office, trading halls and other development plots in the east-west direction while joining Shenzhen Waterlands Resort and the landscape belt of western bay region in the north-south direction.


AUBE attempts to “stitch the city” by parks, constructing a carrier of diverse lifestyles from multiple dimensions of public activities, interdisciplinary formats implantation and ecological systems, so that the exhibition and convention area is able to obtain an urban life of richness and diversity outside the domain of trade and business. This move will resolve the isolation problem faced with traditional exhibition and convention centers in the city, and let it extend outward to form a self-consistent and self-justified part of urban public life.



Client: Shenzhen Industrial and Information Technology Bureau

Construction Team: Shenzhen Zhaohua International Exhibition Development Co., Ltd

General Contractor Consortium for Design: Shenzhen AUBE Architectural & Engineering Design Consultants Co., Ltd., Valode & Pistre Architectes

Project Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Design Scope: General Contract for Design

Main Function: Exhibition | Conference | Comprehensive Supporting Facilities

Site Area: 1,480,000 ㎡

Gross Floor Area (Phase I): 1,605,000㎡

Indoor Exhibition Area (Phase I): 400,000㎡

Construction Period (Phase I): September 2016 - September 2019

Design/Completion Time: February 2016 / September 2019


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