Hunan Zhuzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center

Zhuzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center, which locates in Zhuzhou Qingshuitang Area in Hunan Province covering a total floor area of 468,000㎡, is an exhibition & convention complex capable of offering a net exhibition area of 60,000㎡ as well as a series of comprehensive urban supporting functions. The design takes advantages of the railway track system in Zhuzhou city, starting from the Railway Park on the Center’s north side, connecting various featured tourist attractions including the Train Museum, Industrial Cultural Town, Jiulang Mountain to the west, and hence creates an integrated set of “New Eight Scenes of Qingshuitang” with Zhuzhou characteristics, forming a fresh urban landscape and a unique economic business card.


The overall layout of the project makes full use of its site condition, spreading the Convention and Exhibition Center along the north-south axis to the east and west. With the Center’s south and west facades facing right towards Tongxia Road and Qingshuitang Avenue, the design establishes its landmark image on the both sides, and also presents a rich display of urban public architecture along the two major roads in the north-south direction. As a leading contemporary convention and exhibition complex that conforms to international standards and operates in advance, Zhuzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center will bring a stronger driving force to the industrial development in Qingshuitang Area and become the new engine for Zhuzhou’s economic growth.


Project Location: Zhuzhou, Hunan Province

Client: Zhuzhou Qingshuitang Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Design Team: Shenzhen AUBE Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

Design Scope: Architecture

Main Function: Exhibition, Convention Venue, Hotel, Museum, Commercial, Office, Apartments

Land Area: 510,000㎡

Total Floor Area: 468,500㎡

Net Exhibition Area: 60,000㎡

Design Time: 2020

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