Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center

Guiyang International Ecological Convention & Exhibition Center is a convention and exhibition complex located in Jinyang New District of Guiyang in Guizhou Province. Covering an area of 51.8 hectares, the complex integrates multiple functions of exhibition center, conference center, enterprise headquarter, 5-star hotel, SOHO apartments, office, commercial, catering and cultural recreation with a gross floor area of approximately 880,000㎡. The convention and exhibition complex is immediately adjacent to the municipal administrative center with the original ecological Guanshan Park on its west. Once completed, it will not only become a critical window for Guiyang’s foreign trade activities, but can also bring a new stage of urban life to Jinyang New District.


The major challenges of the project are to balance its massive volume, integrate compound functions and solve the complicated height differences, traffic and circulation on site. The exhibition and convention building complex spreads out on the east-west axis, providing 120,000㎡ of usable space with 8 exhibition halls. The east-west axis interconnects daily activities, festival events and urban leisure, ending with commercial spaces on both ends and the sculptural 201 Tower on the west. The abstract patterns with regional characteristics as detail architectural elements permeate through all the interfaces and spaces of buildings to form a dialogue between the contemporary and the traditional, an integration of the regional and the international.


The silver-gray roof of the exhibition and convention building wraps around all the functional spaces like an envelope with its giant outline. From east to west range the entrance of the Center, the lobby and the main exhibition halls. Meanwhile, in combination with reasonable structural layout, a large column-free space is formed to meet the flexibility requirements of exhibition installations. The exhibition halls are connected in all directions by elevated corridors, which transforms the entire building beyond its original function of exhibition to become a neighborhood and plaza for civic activities, bringing new vitality into urban life.




Project Location: Guiyang, Guizhou Province

Client: Zhongtian Urban Development Group Co., Ltd.

Design Scope: Planning, Architecture, Landscape

Main Function: Exhibition, Conference, Hotel, Commercial, Office, Apartments

Site Area: 518,000㎡

Gross Floor Area: 888,800㎡

Net Exhibition Area: 99,300㎡

Design / Completion Time: 2009/2011


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