Xiamen New Convention and Exhibition Center

The planning of the project takes its starting point from the strong gathering effect of the convention and exhibition center and adopts a centered layout. The super park belt and the urban road network play a role as the transportation link integrating elements such as land plots for development, municipal supporting facilities, rail transit stations, shared public car parks and urban leisure parks in a larger area surrounding the Center, to jointly create a world-class convention and exhibition industrial cluster.


Egret, the agile city bird of Xiamen, is selected as the inspirational source of the project’s image, whose dynamic movement of soaring up from the beach is fully abstracted by the architectural form, creating an elegantly waving urban outline to echo the skyline of Xiamen's mainland.


There are 12 standard exhibition halls of 20,000㎡and two multi-functional halls, one of which is 50,000㎡ and the other 10,000㎡ , capable of housing15,000 stands of international standard in total.


By making the most of the land and coastal landscape, Xiamen New Convention and Exhibition Center will form an efficient ground-based exhibition hall system and a unique sky convention center with sea view. The functions of exhibition and convention complement with each other and together portray a featured city business card for Xiamen.



Location : Xiamen, Fujian Province

Client : Xiamen Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau

Design Partner : Woods Bagot Architectural Design Consultants (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design & Research Co ., Ltd.

Design Scope : Planning / Architecture / Landscape

Main Function : Exhibition / Sports

Site Area : 924,400 ㎡

Gross Floor Area : 1,000,000 ㎡

Indoor Exhibition Area : 300,000 ㎡

Design Time : 2019

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