Heze International Convention Exhibition Center

Heze International Convention & Exhibition Center is located north of Changcheng Road, west of Xi’an Road, south of planned Maozhuang North Road and east of planned Chenzhuang West Road. Covering an area of approximately 139,000㎡ with a gross floor area of around 90,000㎡, the Center has been in operation since 19th September, 2019. Celebrating the integration of multiple functions including conference, exhibition, commercial, catering and entertainment, it is a contemporary urban convention and exhibition center with the largest area and the most comprehensive functions at the junction area of Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan and Anhui.


As a critical platform and window to showcase Heze’s achievements in economic development, Heze International Convention & Exhibition Center forms the economic development axis of Heze with the established Conference Center on its south side. The design challenges the stereotyped impression of convention and exhibition buildings by the making of the public spaces both indoor and outdoor. In order to improve the efficiency of the project, AUBE focuses on the management and operation of the venues during exhibition and non-exhibition periods, expands the malleability of its functions, and thus restores the large area occupied by conference and exhibition facilities in urban life. The Center also incorporates Heze’s historical and cultural heritage to reflect the city’s spirit with a symmetrical architectural form that is orderly organized, integrating closely in harmony with ecological and organic landscape to inject new vitality into the civic life in its surrounding area.


The project consists of 5 column-free exhibition halls with a total internal exhibition area of 33,300㎡. The basement level accommodates the commercial plaza with a commercial area of approximately 10,000㎡, at the center of which locates a sunken courtyard of around 1,000㎡. AUBE refers to the design concept of traditional Chinese courtyard to arrange the standard exhibition halls in an enclosed layout, forming two central axes of east-west and north-south. The central sunken courtyard connects 5 exhibition halls, echoing the surrounding plots while creating a featured courtyard space at the center, around which a circular route for the visitors is established.


The architectural form is composed of two interlocking solid-void volumes, whilst the fa?ade abstracts its proportion and elements from traditional architecture with dark grooved steel plates at the bottom, gray aluminum panels of various shades in the middle, and simple yet robust horizontal linear components in the shape of overhanging eaves are accentuated upwards on the top. In this way, the staggered roof planes of different heights form an integral image of the fa?ade that is simple and smooth.


In the future, as the urban public carrier of conferences and exhibitions, Heze International Convention & Exhibition Center will drive the construction of urban infrastructure, improve the level of urban management services, accelerate the conversion of old and new urban kinetic energies, promote the development of convention and exhibition-themed industry, create the best business environment in Heze, and enhance the city’s economic and trade operation.



Location: Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province

Client: Shaoxing Keqiao District China Textile City Market Development and Management Group Co., Ltd.

Design Scope: Planning / Architecture / Comprehensive Supporting Facilities

Shaoxing Keqiao Sports Center Investment and Development Co., Ltd.

Main Function: Exhibition | Conference | Comprehensive Supporting Facilities

Site Area: 200,400㎡

Gross Floor Area: 285,000㎡

Indoor Exhibition Area:100,000㎡

Design | Completion Time: 2018|2020


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