Nanhai Software Park Waterfront Project

The recreation zone is called "transportation hub garden", linking the subway station from underground and seamlessly linking with the convention center; on the ground and second floors, the recreation zone forms a three-dimensional spatial corridor, leading from the convention center to the eastern commercial parcels and the landscape zone along the river, building an ecological slow walking network for the whole convention city.
Diverse architectural space
The project has a long urban scale, stretching 1.7 kilometers from south to north in a long belt, and the characteristics of the surrounding urban places are constantly changing, so the building shapes, scales and functions of the leisure belt also respond to the dialogue relationship of the city, echoing the segments.
The most flexible and flexible buildings are used as containers, and eco-farms, parent-child playgrounds, sports, creative markets, commercial activities, and temporary exhibitions that may be held in conjunction with the convention center are implanted in the park, becoming a side image of the functional expansion of the convention center and injecting sustainable vitality into the park.
The unfriendly impact of the convention and exhibition buildings on the surrounding life of the city is weakened by the recreational zone due to their huge volume, with a floor area of 1.3 million square meters, making the boundary between the city and the convention vibrant.


Project Location: Guangdong Province - Shenzhen City
Client: Shenzhen Zhaohua Real Estate Co.
Main function: Coastal recreational park
Land area: 84,000㎡


Landscape area: 277,000㎡
Year of design/completion: 2016/2019


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