Shenzhen Future (Haixi) Primary School

Shenzhen Future Primary School is situated in the Dameisha resort in Yantian District, south of Yanba Expressway, and the main function of the project is a primary school with 30 classes and a public car park. The design divides the site into two parts, with the outdoor playground of the school placed on the triangular plot on the west, and the other functional buildings arranged on the rectangular plot on the east, which both ensures the vertical continuity of the original urban open spaces and establishes a better city image for Xianyun Road.


Taking the north and east side as interface, the entrances of the public car park are respectively set on the existing municipal road on the east side of the site and the planned municipal road on the north side to avoid being on the same road and bring negative impact to the surrounding traffic conditions. The presence of urban public open space promotes the southwest side of the site in its landscape features, while the site boundary segments next to Xianyun Road and Huanmei Road enjoy a greater urban identity.


From the bottom up, the north-south orthogonal column grid improves the spatial performance of the public car park, which also facilitates the superimposition of the standardized modular spaces of the school buildings, both economical and efficient. The dynamic external spaces of non-teaching functions such as the back of house, covered playground and administration are placed on the northeast side of the site to shield the noises from adjacent plot to the north, and meanwhile envelope the entrance square space of the school. The teaching functions are arranged on the southeast area of the site, with its internal courtyard facing the west side with a better view next to the public open space. By doing this, the two enclosed courtyards with distinctive characters naturally carve the overall building form into an S-shape. 


In order to make full use of the urban landscape resources in the southwest corner of the site, the design elevates the administrative and teaching buildings to create an open void space that not only exposes itself to the cityscape, but also helps to interconnect and interweave the courtyards on campus. In the meanwhile, a north-south corridor is introduced through the void, making it a viewing deck for people to interact, communicate, stay and enjoy the view from afar.


Project Location: Yantian District, Shenzhen

Client: Shenzhen Yantian District Education Bureau

Main Function: School

Gross Floor Area: 45,657.16㎡

Design | Completion Time: 2013|2019

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