Nanjing Lishui OCT

The project is located at the northern end of Lishui sub-city central area, which is the southern gateway of Nanjing, and is adjacent to Lishui Economic Development Zone and Nanjing Aviation Port to the north. Lishui District currently has a fast GDP growth rate, complete secondary production function and high industrial population growth rate, however, the industrial upgrade of urban area is slow, the cultivation of new economy lags behind, the innovation drive and development drive are insufficient, and there is a lack of city brand and high-end service support, the arrival of Lishui OCT will provide a new cultivation carrier for Lishui industrial transformation and create the gateway image and livable environment of Lishui North City. Through the proposal of underpassing the planned provincial highway and combining with the widened water lake, the project plans a gathering and combination of waterfront commercial - water-friendly platform - water lake center for the sub-city center, forming a multi-level spatial form and the center of the area, and building the image place of the whole area. Finally, a new dynamic development area of Lishui with the best ecological benefit, outstanding portal image, waterfront commercial vitality and comfortable living will be formed in the sub-city center.



Project Name: Nanjing Lishui Overseas Chinese Town Urban Design

Project Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu Province 

Client: Nanjing Overseas Chinese Town Industrial Development Co.

Main functions: commercial, hotel, office, residential

Site area: 164h㎡

Design year: 2017-2018


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