Hualian City Garden

The project is located at the intersection of Gongyuan Road and Chuangye Road in Bao'an District, close to central area of Bao’an District. It’s near Hexing First Road in the east, Chuangye Second Road in the south, Gongyuan Road in the west and Hean Second Alley in the north.


Layout strategy: Layout strategy: the garden platform is lifted to form a central garden, so as to maximize landscape view and reduce sound and visual noise.

Double entrances: the main entrance is grand, and the second entrance is near the metro station. With natural spatial circulation, space of the double entrances is integrated with the main landscape axis and the axis of the king house at the central garden.

Sunny garage strategy: introduction of a sunny garage provides an entrance way of multi ground floors and double halls.

House style strategy: maximize potential of house style and gift area; each house enjoys good exposure; double ground floors entrance design; luxury entrance hall with empty space of 7.5m height.

Commercial strategy: construction of landmark commercial plaza which is designed as an integration of outside and inside streets with multi-ground floor; roof platform is used as evacuation area to increase commercial utility ratio.

Apartment tower strategy: towers are arranged along the main road, with diversified and scattered masses, and become city marks. Main function is for apartment and commercial use which can be flexibly transferred to other function to reduce marketing risk for single commercial function.

Independent indemnificatory apartments strategy: ensure independence in three ways as “independent entrance, independent management and independent garage”. Greenbelt and difference of height can help realize the respective independence of indemnificatory apartments and the commercial house.

Landscape strategy: landscape scale is increased by modern abstract design, with vivid lines, abundant details from close distance and strong integrity from far distance.


The best apartment types include the type of two apartments with one lift and the type of three apartments with one lift. The biggest space between buildings is kept for these apartments, together with beautiful views. For small apartments, the quality is also ensured by the special design of six apartments in two buildings sharing two lifts.



Client: Hualian Holdings Co Ltd.,

Main function: residence, apartment, indemnificatory apartments, commerce,

Total floor area: 280,000㎡

Design/Completion: 2012/2017


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