Pingshan Cultural Settlement

Located in Pingshan, a new administrative region in northeastern Shenzhen, adjacent to Half Moon Ring Central Park to the west and Danzi Avenue to the south, Pingshan Cultural Complex is a major cultural facility that is being built in Pingshan District, seeking to shape a cultural landmark in eastern Shenzhen with a quality humanistic space. The complex is arranged from south to north with various cultural functions such as theater, art museum, exhibition hall, cultural hall, library, book city, cinema, etc. It is a complex building complex covering an area of more than 70,000 square meters.

Under the control of the overall style, each building has a high recognition. The overall project resembles a cultural aircraft carrier, and the library as a landmark is the pilot tower. The library structure is exposed, taking into account the sun-shading function and twisting the shape to reflect the sense of the times. With the premise of reflecting civic nature, it creates a rich overhead outdoor public space.

The art museum is a vertical L-shaped, with the south side facing the activity square as a poster wall, and the overhead body at the top provides good shading for the floors below and the roof deck. The exhibition hall is horizontally L-shaped, floating at the height of three or four floors, creating a good activity place for the lower urban space. The activity center is arranged in a zigzag shape from north to south, combined with the outdoor platform, creating good conditions for people's outdoor activities. 

The façade adopts concrete pegging and partial glass curtain wall, and the west façade is more combined with functional windows, making the overall image more low-key and introverted. The design of the building façade also combines shading system and LED display, which is both "dramatic" and "performance".

The ground floor of the building is partially elevated, spreading the city square near the half-moon park on the east side to the bottom of the building, creating a pleasant gray space suitable for the subtropical climate.

With the completion of the new landmark of Pingshan cultural colony and the opening of high-quality cultural venues such as Pingshan Library, Art Museum and Grand Theatre, a new cultural highland in the east is gradually formed.

Client: Shenzhen Pingshan New District Management Committee

Design consortium: Urban Practice (Beijing) Architectural Design & Consulting Co.

Main functions: theater, art museum, exhibition hall, cultural center, library, book city, cinema, supporting commercial

Land area: 73689.37 square meters

Total construction area: 119136.02 square meters

Year of design/completion: 2013/2019


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