Maoming Feipeng Coastal City

Located in the southwest corner of the intersection of Haibin Avenue and Xiangyang Avenue in Shuidong Bay New City, Maoming Feipeng Coastal City is an urban block-living complex integrating waterfront leisure belt, commercial street, shopping mall, hotel, office, apartments and residential blocks. The project focuses on the establishment of the tallest building and a landmark commercial complex in the New City for the area, stitching the businesses and the waterfront leisure belt with a pedestrian promenade which extends the community texture to enhance the overall public vitality in the urban context.

AUBE Conception intervenes in the improvement plan of the waterfront coastal park on the south of the project with a forward-looking perspective and introduces a “coastline vibe” that pulsates with the lengthily straight sea wall. The waterfront leisure belt echoes the commercial complex in the north-south direction, breaking free from the introverted stereotypical image of large-scale communities so as to seek a living experience of ecology, openness and diversity that activates and reshapes the coastal area of Shuidong Bay as well as offers the city dwellers a more expressive urban space for recreation. With the opening of the Shuidongwan Bridge, the forthcoming completion of Feipeng Coastal City Commercial Complex will further promote a new round of development opportunities for the Shuidong Bay New City.



Location : Maoming,Guangdong Province

Client : Maoming Feipeng Investment Co., Ltd

Design Scope : urban design, architecture

Function :commerce, office, hotel, apartment, residence,commercial street, waterfront leisure belt

Land Area : 750 000 ㎡(including commercial street and leisure belt)

Total Floor Area : 350 000 ㎡(including commercial street and leisure belt)

Design and Completion Time : 2021 / to be confirmed


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