Shenzhen OCT Baowan Tower

OCT Baoan Tower locates in the administrative, business and cultural center of a key urban node in Baoan District. With a twin tower arrangement, the complex integrates luxury hotel, high-end apartments, commercial businesses, public facilities and other functions, comprising one general-purpose building that houses the commercial podiums, one hotel tower and one apartment tower.

The podium of the main hotel tower features a stacked form with exquisite modular window wall units elaborating the fa?ade while bay windows satisfy the window-to-wall ratio, displaying the seaside rhythms from bottom to top. The top floors of both towers all enjoy elevated column-free spaces with transparency and dynamic forms, where the green terraces open to the largest urban landscape interface of the city allowing the viewers to adore the panoramic view of city and the sea.

The design integrates various coastal elements and features, linking life, city and nature. The project shifts the volumes accommodating public supporting facilities and the hotel tower lobby to construct an open and vibrant block with multiple ground floors, creating a commercial complex with urban vitality.



Location : Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Client : OCT Western Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Design Scope : architecture

Funtion : commerce, hotel, apartment

Land Area : 11 800 ㎡

Total Floor Area : 103 800 ㎡

Design and Completion Time : 2019 / to be confirmed


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