Yunnan OCT Wulong Village

The project is located on the east bank of Dianchi, which has unique advantages compared with other shorelines of Dianchi

1. in the south side of Kunming main city, within the Chenggong New Area, with complete infrastructure and rich urban resources;

2. Traffic advantage, with the railway station and airport within an hour's drive, and the high-speed railway station is adjacent to the project;

3. The new area has attracted the high-speed railway station, the city government and the university city to settle in the new area of Chenggong, and the project area has gathered the advantages of Dounan flowers and the old city of Chenggong.

According to the boundary of landscape, the site is naturally divided into four zones, corresponding to the four characteristics of village, water, mountain and field, and corresponding to the four propositions of ancient village transformation, ecological nature, flying tiger culture and art creativity.

By planning two characteristic tour lines to link several areas into one. We know that the project area has unique fishing village culture and flying tiger culture, which correspond to water and air, so we also plan the water tour line and air tour line to link up the various attractions in the project area, and at the same time provide a completely different viewing perspective and travel experience than walking on the road.

Client: Overseas Chinese Town (Yunnan) Investment Co.

Land area: 287 hectares

Total construction area: 150,000 square meters

Function: Cultural tourism

Design time: 2018


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