Pingshan Innovation Plaza

Located at the intersection of Pingshan Avenue and Rongchang Road in the northwest side of central Pingshan District, Pingshan Innovation Plaza is designed to be a headquarter base designated for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises as a key government project of Pingshan District. Enclosed by seven high-rise towers and several multi-storey buildings, Pingshan Innovation Plaza covers an area of 50,000㎡ with a gross floor area of over 370,000㎡. The overall planning adopts the strategy of inward enclosing and grouping; combined with podiums and interspersed with double-storey gallery platforms, the well-arranged towers circumscribe the boundary of the shared garden. In combination with the sunken plaza and the sky green leisure platform, the site layout utilizes the existing height difference to form a multi-layered pedestrianized spatial system with a pleasant scale in the neighborhood. The interconnected basement level ensures the sharing of parking resources of the four land plots, and the double-storey gallery, on the other hand, guarantees the commercial functions to be associated and complementary of each other and take advantage of the scale effect.


Project Location: Pingshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Design Team: Shenzhen AUBE Architectural & Engineering Design Consultants Co., Ltd ( schematic design & entire design process of Land Parcel 1)

Construction Team:

Shenzhen Pingshan District Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd. (Land Parcel 1)

Shenzhen Capchem Technology Co., Ltd. (Land Parcel 2)

Shenzhen Zhongtian Meijing Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. (Land Parcel 3)

Shenzhen Chaoshang Eastern Investment Co., Ltd (Land Parcel 4)

Site Area: 50,000㎡

Gross Floor Area: 370,000㎡

Design-Construction Period: 2014-2019


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