COFCO Chuangzhi Plaza

Architecture creation: the plan aims to build a fashionable, scientific and ecological new industry park. Simplicity is the design style. Present buildings surrounding the base are in disorder without any features. Main problem to be addressed is how to make the project stand out of the surrounding mess as a fashion leader in this area and to help adjust city texture. 


Workshop: buildings are scattered and diversified in simple and grand shapes. The approach of piling cubes on one another breaks independence of the original three workshops, increase interaction among them and forms a unique architectural image. Four layers forms a pile unit which is a mass combination with strong visual impact. Dark red bricks and light grey bricks are used in alternation, which enriches colors in the park, eases the pressure from buildings and makes them amiable, ecological and featured block buildings. Horizontal long windows increase the sense of speed and visual impact, and enhance epochal character of the architecture.


Dormitory: A “L” shape layout is designed and the approach of piling cubes is also applied. Flexibly combination of dark red, dark grey and beige breaks original rigid image. In accordance with Mondrian colors combination, the three colors are arranged in alternation to form a color combination with diversity and complementation. The style agrees with the whole park and keeps its own accessibility as dormitory. 


LOFT office: Design abandons traditional office form and aims to offer garden office experience. Design of independent building ensures good exposure to light, excellent ventilation and energy saving as well as no distance to the nature. The simple and grand facade echoes the whole park. Well-scattered terraces are arranged as venue for communication and platform for interaction between parks, which vitalizes the whole park.



Client: COFCO Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd.

Building Area:130,000㎡

Main Function:office

Design/Completion in:  2013/2016


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