The Sports Center of Shenzhen Inernational Biological Vally

The Cultural Center and Sports Center of Shenzhen International Bioindustry Valley is a key cultural and sports facility invested by Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission. The project is surrounded by water on three sides, only 20 meters away from the shoreline. It is known as a cultural and sports center on the sea in Shenzhen.


The project fits the high-end positioning of the bioindustr y valley and includes high-standard theaters and cultural venues. The sports center fully exploits the advantages of coastal resources to meet professional sports needs and aquatic sports experience.


In terms of design strategy, it integrates the systematic advantages of various blocks in planning, architecture and landscape, and creates an architectural structure spanning 600 meters, resembling a long scroll.


From a macro perspective, the cultural center, the comprehensive sports center and the central park infiltrate each other to form a holistic coastal style, and outline the highly recognizable bay area symbol.


In terms of interface creation, elements like mountain and sea elements as well as positioning features of the bioindustry valley are extracted to seek the differentiated features of the building on the urban interface and the coastal interface.


In the terms of user-friendly design, there are sight gallery going through the mountain and the sea, jogging tracks linking spanning plots, walking tracks of suitable size and interacting internal and external public space.


In terms of technology integration, as the cultural and sports center nearest to sea in Shenzhen, the scheme proposes practical solutions in the aspects of large-span structure, wind-resistant structure, flood control and anti-corrosion of steel structure . The project also provides a deep dive into the integration advantage of large-scale EPC public construction in aspects like new materials applications, process innovation and project management.



Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Client: Public Works Bureau of Shenzhen Dapeng New District

Main function: cultural center, library, theater, sports stadium, indoor swimming pool

Land area: 35,817 ㎡

Total floor area: 73892㎡

Design and completion time: 2018 /2020

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