CFC Chang Fu Center

CFC Chang Fu Center is located in the core of the Free Trade Zone, at the end of the north-south spine from Lianhua Mountain to Shenzhen Bay, nearly 1 km away from Hong Kong, a group of efficient, new, humanized super high-rise and high-rise office buildings, fully respecting the urban design of the Free Trade Zone, but also to create a relatively independent sense of urban space, combining economy and natural ecology in one multifunctional complex, currently for It is the only super high-rise building in the bonded zone that exceeds 300 meters. The site is square in shape with a side length of 150 meters, and a miniature park exists on its north side. 300 meters of the main tower is purely office and 100 meters of the secondary tower is purely apartment. The main tower is located in the north corner, the secondary tower is located in the south, and the northeast is open to the park, so that the small can be seen in the big. The golden rule of "The Ten Books of Architecture" is appropriate here, and after solidity and practicality, aesthetics is left to be played with. The two-dimensional straight, three-dimensional curved, rounded outside and square inside, moderately divided, and neutral, makes it a place for the public to enjoy and at the same time enhance the culture of the city, and at the same time is the symbol of the New Century Free Trade Zone and Shenzhen.

Project Name: CFC Chang Fu Center

Location: Guangdong Province - Shenzhen

Client: Yang Fu Industrial (Shenzhen) Co.

Main Function: Office

Land area: 18,800 square meters

Total building area: 206,400 square meters

Year of design/completion: 2007/2014

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