Wenchang Music Town

The project is adjacent to Bamen Bay in the east, and is located in the new city center of Wenchang City in the north. The 1.56-k㎡land, at the gate of Qinglan Cross-sea Bridge, is uniquely endowed. The planning introduced a new model for integrated development of city and industry, injecting music element into the project, which is recognized as a cultural exchange medium without borders. The project is expected to provide an international platform for music in Wenchang and Hainan.


The planning proposed a structure of “one heart, one ring, two portals and three zones”, centering on the public core of Central Lake Park, Concert Hall and University Sports Center, and connecting the key nodes of the project through the circular public landscape corridor (concert hall, five stars) Class hotel, style commercial street, etc.). The three sub-divisions of the project - colorful music, sound-seeking Bayan Bay, and Chuangyou Qingyi, each with its own themes and characteristics, create a strong artistic culture and leisure and entertainment atmosphere, and finally form an integration of education, entertainment, creative culture and residence.



Project location: Wenchang, Hainan

Client: Badachu Holding Group

Main function: school, hotel, commerce, office for cultural & creative industry, residence

Land area: 156h㎡

Design time: 2018


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