Guiyang Zhongtian Future Ark

Future Ark is another project designed by AUBE for Zhongtian Urban Development Group following Guiyang International Convention & Exhibition Center. Larger than the previous one, it is designed to be a new city with integrated functions such as tourism, residential, commercial and culture. With the urban design concept of “two axes, four traffic flows, four gateways”, AUBE marks an impressive start for this project. In the following three years, the AUBE team has spared no efforts to handle the twists and turns for this project, especially for the exhibition and culture center in Zone A, the residential group (No.1, No.4, No.6, No. 7 and No.9) in Zone F, public facilities along the 5 km-long urban axis, the northwest gateway of Zone F2 and F3 and the southeast gateway of Zone D1~4. As buildings rising straight from the ground and a new city coming into shape, worn out but happy, all sorts of feelings welled up in the heart of AUBE team members.


When visitors enter Future Ark, they are first welcomed by the exhibition and culture center situated on the urban axis. In this spatial series of three interlacing cuboids which is wrapped by ultra clear cable-truss curtain wall, stone curtain wall and respiratory double-layer glass curtain wall, Zhongtian Urban Development Group’s corporate culture of “the Future is Now” and the bright future of Future Ark are promisingly on display.


Looking around, high-rise commercial towers in Zone F (tower No. 1, No.2, No. 6, No. 7 and No. 9) are simple but grand, and the commercial podiums versatile and diversified. The vertical design for the sloping fields optimizes the appreciation potential of land value, creating a pleasant living environment. 


To the north of the 5 km-long urban axis, the IMAX Cinema of Zone F2 is a perfect interpretation of the stone forest that reaches beyond the sky. Its unique futuristic shape is also a classic example to demonstrate the “global experience, regional practice” idea of AUBE.



Location : Guiyang, Guizhou Province

Client : Guiyang Urban-Rural Planning Bureau/Yunyan District Government of Guiyang/Zhongtian Urban Development Group

Function : hot spring tourism city

Land area : 13 000 000 ㎡

Total floor area : 7 200 000 ㎡

Design time : 2010 / under construction


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