The Peninsula Phase IV, Shenzhen

The Peninsula Phase IV is located on the south side of Wanghai Road, in Dongjiaotou area of Shekou community in Nanshan District of Shenzhen. The west side of the project is adjacent to Peninsula Phase II, and the east side is adjacent to Peninsula Phase III. The project consists of super high-rise residential buildings, independent open commercial street, hotel, office, cinema, theater, primary school and kindergarten.


As the only commercial complex on the most beautiful part of Shenzhen coastline, the residential commercial project has a potential to house city-level commercial opportunities. The commercial design is concisely portrayed with community-centered sociability and contextualization. It is the origin of the design philosophy to regard commercial facilities as art museums and endow the future development with opportunities of diverse functions, bringing art closer to people's lives.


Different from the supporting commercial facility model of traditional residential communities, the commercial area composed of 49 box-shaped buildings are more like an integrated leisure-shopping complex, as the blocks are relatively independent with various design languages controlled by a unified overall style. Designers not only followed a strict architectural ratio of aesthetics, but also cleverly designed shop signs, billboards and LED screens on each box building, taking into account the future interior decorations and lighting effects that may accentuate the buildings. The 49 commercial boxes are divided into 7 groups in planning, with each group presenting its own formal language and format attributes, whilst all of which are unified within the white tonality of the contemporary minimalist style. The architectural language fits the precise commercial positioning of the future and each possesses its own multi-functional flexibility, so that shopping can also be like enjoying a visit to an exhibition of architecture and art. In this way, the art of architecture is able to blend into commercial activities, rather than letting the latter overwhelm the architecture.



Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Client: Shenzhen Peninsula Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

Main function: commerce/residence/school

Land area: 59,323㎡

Total floor area: 306,439㎡

Design/Completion time: 2015/ to be confirmed

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