Tianjiao, Shenzhen Tagen

Total land area of the project is 68,239.6㎡, and area of land for development is 34,812.4㎡. Floor area taken into plot ratio calculation is 240,387㎡ including 170,000㎡for residence (with an area of 39210㎡for indemnificatory apartments), 11000 ㎡ for commerce, office and hotels, 8,100㎡ for public supporting facilities (including 2,400 ㎡for a nine-class kindergarten which covers a land of 2,700㎡ as well as 2,000 ㎡ for a bus terminal)


The project is located on one of the seven lots under urban renovation program in Tagen Industrial Park area. A unified planning and design were applied to the entire area under renovation program with an aim to build high-quality modern urban mansion with high plot ratio in the area dubbed as back garden in Futian District. 


The overall layout of the project was designed with a focus on maximizing landscape advantage with a high plot ratio. Main tower buildings are alternatively arranged along the east side to ensure suitable space between the buildings and maximized version while avoiding the interference of sunlight on existing houses on the north side. Indemnificatory apartments are arranged near the gas station in the north without affecting the apartments for sale. In terms of function distribution, land thickening strategy was employed with the help of height difference. Semi-basement structure was created to house public supporting facilities. Indemnificatory apartments are lower to ensure independent entrance, independent underground garage and independent firefighting facility. In this way, the indemnificatory apartments and apartments for sale are arranged in good order without interrupting each other. Besides, the concept of a unique three-dimensional courtyard was visualized by the use of transparent and semi-basement landscape design, which also channels sunlight into garage and brings home access close to club.


The best apartment types include the type of two apartments with one lift and the type of three apartments with one lift. The biggest space between buildings is kept for these apartments, together with beautiful views. For small apartments, the quality is also ensured by the special design of six apartments in two buildings sharing two lifts.



Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Client: Shenzhen Tianjun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

Main function: residence, indemnificatory apartments, commerce, kindergarten, bus terminal and related supporting facilities

Land area: 34,800 ㎡

Total floor area: 240,387 ㎡

Design and completion time: 2012/



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