Dongmao Center,Guiyang

Zhongtian Dongmao Center is located on the south of Future Ark project in Guiyang, Guizhou, which is composed of super high-rise residence, office, apartment, high-rise hotel and Set-back multi-floor commercial street. The design highlights the concept of "portal", which employs traditional cultural element of "door-platform-tower-pavilion" and interprets traditional indigenous culture with modern design language and materials. The design concept makes the project a model of local open living space.


AUBE made a reasonable use of the site height difference and set up the underground garage, and formed a set-back business interface. A main commercial axis ran through the north and south, guiding people flow from the Beijing East Road sign gradually down to the ring road and the water east road sign. The set-back commercial street design maximizes the commercial value of the terrain. Besides the set-back commercial street acquires a special appeal thanks to combination of the villa-style commercial fa?ade, the expressive sloping roof, and the small-scale and street-like layout that is conducive to the gathering of commercial commerce. A variety of small, smart and fun hotel public spaces offer a unique experience. In addition, a creative aerial bridge is designed in the project, and its expressive shape enhances the landmark of the area. At the same time, the internal part of the bridge as a public space of the hotel will greatly enhance the quality of the hotel. Its top can be used as a continuation of Beijing East Road Sign High Plaza, and it will become an important viewing place in Guiyang in the future. 


Projet name: Guiyang Zhongtian Dongmao Center

Project location: Guiyang, Guihou

Client: Guiyang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. of Zhongtian Urban Development Group

Main function: commerce, residence, office and hotel

Land area: 93,750 ㎡

Total Floor area: 702,620 ㎡

Design and completion time: 2013 /TBC

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