Shenzhen Huangcheng Jinling Holiday Apartment

Huangcheng Jinling Holidays Apartment is located in the Huanggang Port Area, just to the south of the Central Park and adjacent to Binhe Avenue. The total land area is about 12,597.57 ㎡ and the total floor area is 180,598.92 ㎡. Its plot ratio is 10.27. The project consists of three towers, a one-storey podium (partial three floors), a four-storey basements as well as one-and-a-half-storey basement.


A challenge to address is how to balance an ultra-high plot ratio project on a limited land to meet various design conditions. As the northern extension of Huangyuyuan residential project, the project design will be challenged to display a new image and provide a livable place for busy Shenzhen people. AUBE made a full use of landscape resources in the south and the north and raised the courtyard to maximize the land use effect. While complying with the early planning texture of the Huangyuyuan project, the design avoids building a retaining wall along the Binhe Avenue. The planning broke a long board layout and cut the long board into three short boards of less than 70 meters. Besides, the long side of the east side of the flat-panel apartment was shortened and transformed into a poin- type apartment, returning space to the city corner and improving a flat image along Binhe Avenue. In this way, an enriched urban architecture image was created.


The technical difficulties of the project include the high-level structure transformation, a void structure on the top of a super high-rise to form an opening and avoiding the formation of a congested interface for the city.



Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Client: Shenzhen Property Development Group, Shenzhen Huangcheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Main function: residence, commercial apartment, commerce

Land area: 12,600 ㎡

Total floor area: 180,600 ㎡

Design and completion time: 2012 /2018


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