Nanshan Science and Technology Innovation Center

Liuxiandong Industrial Park is a core node on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor and located in the Xili Dashahe Science and Technology Corridor. The park is an important part of Shenzhen's efforts to build an innovative urban area and core area of Nanshan’s ambition to build a Silicon Valley in China. Located in Liuxiandong Park in Xili Dashahe science and technology innovation corridor (core point on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Technology and Innovation Corridor), the project is an important part of the great Qianhai central area as well as an important part of the core area of the “Silicon Valley” constructed in Nanshan. Design of the project keep trying on industrial space capacity, diversity and interdependence relations, aiming to realize a design vision of industrial ecological rainforest. With the structure of  ecological rainforest as a reference, design takes away the most dynamic space and integrate it into a huge industrial container. The container is lifted appropriately to return the ground blocks to the city. And the internal structure of the container is optimized in accordance with industrial functional characteristics and surrounding conditions. In order to facilitate accessibility, it is stretched vertically according to the structure of the container, maximizing the integration of the city, the block, the podium and the tower.


The total floor area of the project is nearly one million square meters. The total floor area of the above-ground buildings is 761,200 m2, including an area of 64.72- m2 for industry offices (with industrial service function like experiment, test and display). Of the industry housed in these offices, the proportion of new generation information industry, biomedicine and big health industry and artificial intelligence industry are respectively 56%、26%、18%. The floor area for commercial use is 42,000 m2including an area of 1,000 m2 for cultural activities and an area of 100 m2 for bus terminal management office. And the floor area for dormitory is 72,000 m2. The innovation center is expected to become Shenzhen's first model smart internet of things (IOT) park. With a focus on the intelligence-related brand series such as intelligence and wisdom, the innovation center project will be built into a future-oriented scientific and technological industry park which will also be an innovation highland, talent hub and green wisdom model.



Location: Headquarters base in Liuxiandong, Nanshan District

Client: Nanshan District Construction Bureau

Constructor: Shenzhen Vanke Urban Construction Ltd

Main functions: R&D office, dormitory, commerce, parking

Total floor area: 117,910.2 ㎡

Design and completion time: 2018 /2023


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